The ability to generate extra money.

Performing an environment-friendly task.


Reuse scrap metals & save the natural resources.


Save energy to create new products.

How It Works


We collect all kind of scrap metals whether Ferrous or Non-Ferrous.


Here we separate metals that can be recycled and that are non-recyclable.


We squeeze and squash all recyclable materials using high-tech machines.


The material is recycled and comes in the process again.

Cash for Metal

Cash for metal is the new way across making easy money and conserving nature, both at the same. In metropolitans like Melbourne, Australia, we are in a dire need of such measures to be taken upfront. The environmental conditions are degrading substantially and if we do not do something about it right away, then we might not be able to save our planet eventually. So, it’s not just about getting rid of the metal junk that’s of no use to you, but it’s more about your role in making sure that it’s properly disposed of as well. It’s time to kindle up a revolution within, a revolution that sweeps away the wrong that we’ve done to the world around. In terms of exploiting its resources or while shoving away the unwanted metals irresponsibly, but not anymore. Let’s take a pledge that no more of it is going to be practiced from now on and let’s make sure that we give it back to nature the same way we received it. By recycling, reusing and disposing of our waste properly.

And this is where metal recyclers like us, JJ Scrap metal, come into the picture. We are offering an incentive-driven approach to such things with a cash reward and free of cost services. Moreover, we are your option to dispose of your metal junk in an entirely nature-friendly manner. We are a licensed entity in waste disposal industry and we bring forth our expertise in recycling and re-using and which means that you do not disturb the flow of nature anyhow in making your personal space more presentable. And it cannot be done without your help, the first step is still on your shoulders. Only when you decide that you won’t fall prey to the lazes of life and make it a point to dispose of your junk properly, can we do something about it. Wake up, mate! And make sure that you’re doing your bit. As for the rest, we are always happy to help.

More than just benefits for you:

Just as the name suggests, ‘Cash for Metal’ is an easy way to earn some extra cash when you need. And isn’t it amazing that even the pile of junk that you had no idea what to do about can earn you some cash and all the more satisfaction! Really, not just the monetary rewards, but with this, you’re even helping the environment in one way or the other. This metal, when recycled is going to help so many livelihoods and households in several ways. It contributes to the economic requirements of the state, reduces the consumption of natural resources and we can go on and on while stating the benefits of recycling metal and its proper disposal, but we think that point has been made here. Therefore, the benefits are endless, monetary, personal and on a wider horizon of a global scale as well, but only when you do something about it.Read more... Read less...

Convenience with JJ Scrap Metal

JJ Scrap metal is one name that personifies convenience in Scrap metal disposal for its consumers. We have a team of expert professionals who look up to the quality of services we offer. Our hard-working resources work day and night to make sure that the process is easier and is least time consuming for you. With our user-oriented online interface, we have been achieving this goal so far, but we’re also evolving constantly, just to make sure that our services are better every day, today and tomorrow.

Coping up with technological advancements, we make the communication with our customers more transparent and with which, we can make sure that the entire process is hassle-free and that you have a swift experience while dealing with us. We take away the pain of getting the job done from you by collecting, sorting, recycling or disposing the scrap on our own. And you never have to make a single effort for anything as such. Therefore, when it’s convenient and it’s rewarding, why go anywhere else? Simply choose JJ Scrap metal when you think about disposing of your metal scrap the next once.

How does it work?

It’s as easy as making a phone call, yeah, literally! You can even get it done by calling us just once or you can fill a simple form on our website as well or you can also write to us with all the relevant details. And our representative would get in touch with you as soon as we receive this request. This representative is an expert in metal specifications and would then visit the site where you’ve stored the junk. Upon assessment of its quantity and quality, he would quote an amount you would receive after the formalities are completed. Voila, your job’s done! After this, we’ll make sure of its collection to the recycling or disposal, just about everything! You can sit back and sip onto a great cup of coffee as we make sure that your junk is properly disposed or recycled as per the need.

So, if you think that metal scrap is something that costs money to be disposed of, think again! It’s a concept of the days gone by. Nowadays, it’s for free! Rather, it pays back and it adds to the efforts of conserving nature. But one thing you still need to do is give us a call in the first place and don’t go about disposing of it in a haste. It’s going to get you nothing, but a call to us would!