The ability to generate extra money.

Performing an environment-friendly task.


Reuse scrap metals & save the natural resources.


Save energy to create new products.

How It Works


We collect all kind of scrap metals whether Ferrous or Non-Ferrous.


Here we separate metals that can be recycled and that are non-recyclable.


We squeeze and squash all recyclable materials using high-tech machines.


The material is recycled and comes in the process again.

Cash for Copper

Copper, if not as precious as gold, is equally useful in every form it is available. It’s found in a number of appliances and electronics, ranging from motors to conductors and other gadgets that make use of its elemental properties, you can find Copper in more about every second thing around. Also, it’s so much easier to re-use and recycle it as per the need. And you might not know it but there may be a huge amount of copper in the junk you throw away as well. This is when you need to think ahead and make sure that all your motors, old bikes, wires and other junk that may contain copper are sorted out of your daily garbage disposal. Why? Because it is going to earn you money and it’s getting you a chance to contribute to nature as well.

But how? Well, with us by your side! We, JJ Scrap Metal, would help you dispose it off properly or recycle it for further use. In return, we are offering cash equivalents against all the metal you sell away to us. Isn’t it great that even the garbage that you were to throw away would fetch you some money? Well, it is indeed! Our Cash for Copper service does exactly that and surprisingly enough, but we help you make the most of even the garbage you come up with. But only when you make an informed decision and plan ahead of time just every once you think about disposing of your junk.

More Than Just Money for You:

Yeah, we bring more goodness to you apart from the rewards. In a way, by recycling or its proper disposal, we’re doing our bit to help nature. We all know that copper is being extracted every second as we speak and within no time, we would not be left with any. By reusing and recycling it, we make sure that some percentage of the need is covered with the existing metal in our possession and that instead is rotting away in junkyards and garbage pits. Such metals when disposed of in landfills, cause more harm to nature than any good. They degrade the quality of soil, make it less cultivable and fertile and so, why not just make sure that none of our households add to the damage caused to our Mother Nature. Let’s make sure that we are always taking up the right measures for its disposal and let’s opt for experts like us, JJ Scrap metal for such things to be done properly.

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It’s convenient when with us:

For disposing of your junk conventionally, you have to take some time out of your busy schedule, arrange for someone to collect the junk and you even pay for the junk to be disposed of. But with us, all that can be done with just a visit on our website or over a call, without any charges involved and we even compensate you with a cash equivalent of the copper in your junk. Our team takes care of every step in the process, from its collection to its recycling or disposal, just about everything is done by us and without you needing to raise even a finger for anything as such. Not many things in life are that easy and rewarding as we have made the process of junk disposal for you.