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The ability to generate extra money.

Performing an environment-friendly task.


Reuse scrap metals & save the natural resources.


Save energy to create new products.

How It Works


We collect all kind of scrap metals whether Ferrous or Non-Ferrous.


Here we separate metals that can be recycled and that are non-recyclable.


We squeeze and squash all recyclable materials using high-tech machines.


The material is recycled and comes in the process again.

Cash For Car

At JJ Scrap metal, we understand that however rusted and useless your old car may be, yet you still hold it dear enough to your heart. And selling it for some money that you need urgently becomes a tough nut to crack in such situations. Moreover, it becomes a matter of emotional conflict when you’re dealing with unregulated junkyard owners and have to give it away for the price of nothing. You start thinking about those times when it helped you weather the seasons of hardships and success, and to separate from this machine surely becomes the last resort for you.

So, to help you make such a decision when you’re in dire need of money, we present our ‘Cash for Cars’ service. It is a perfect opportunity for you to bid adieus to the piece of junk that you’ve not fired up since ages. By offering the best in class compensations and making the process extremely easier for you, we hope to bring back a smile on your face even while departing from your old friend. And not just that, but we make for a perfect place for your old car to rest in peace.

By choosing us, an authorised and licensed identity in recycling and junk disposal industry, you make certain that you’re adding more value to the efforts involved in global environmental conservation. We recycle the metal and other components of your vehicle for re-use and dispose of the parts that cannot be recycled in the least harmful manner.

Therefore, when you choose us over other options you may have, you not only do justice to the old car of yours, but you also make sure that you’re keeping up with the verdant side of our environment.

How might this benefit you

Well, financial constraints can never be accounted for in advance. They’re untimely and devastating in nature. In such a situation, just about every single penny you can gather is more likely a blessing if nothing else. And cashing in these old junks in your possession, especially your old car, is one of the most suitable ways out of such issues. With our ‘cash for cars’ service, you get exactly the same, just with more money than you can get anywhere else. And it can be processed so easily that you won’t, even for once, would have to step out of the comfort of your home. Also, by doing this, you’re actually contributing your share to the economy, the society and the environment as well. By choosing an expert like us for its disposal and recycling process, you’re making an informed decision and taking a responsible step ahead for the betterment of the entire human race. Read more... Read less...

Why JJ Scrap Metal’s ‘Cash for Cars’ Service?

JJ Scrap Metal is a trustworthy name in the junk disposal and recycling industry of Australia. We are licensed and authorised by the governing authorities, and we adhere to the prescribed guidelines for ethical implementation of the policies on-board. The reasons to choose us over your everyday car removal services are numerous, yet a select few of them are stated below:

In case you are trying to find an auto wrecker company, then you are going to have the ability to locate a good deal of auto wrecker services out there in the city. Our automobile removal organization is the convenient option in regards to your free scrap car removal.

How does it work?

At JJ Metal Scraps, it’s all about convenience for our customers. Therefore, we have come up with a smart and well-curated approach for handling requests. It increases efficiency and adds more convenience to the process for our customers. To opt for our ‘Cash for Cars’ service, all you need to do is browse through our website once and fill a form with some relevant details about your car. Or, you can write an email to us regarding the same @ or call us @ , we’ll be glad to hear from you. After successfully registering your request with us, we would send out our car expert for inspection and assessment. Why the assessment after you’ve provided us your car’s details? Well, it’s because even after a brief discussion about the same, it is still difficult for us to quote a worthy amount for your car. Upon examining the vehicle properly, our representative can narrow down to an exact amount and would pay equivalent cash to you instantly. Your job’s done! You may now rest assured about your vehicle as we take care of every possible step in the process. From its collection to its recycling or disposal if needed, we would handle everything from scratch to finish.

In a nutshell, ‘cash for cars’ is the GenZ solution for Australia’s junk disposal needs. And with an expert like us by your side, you not only cope-up with the environment, but you get a great amount of monetary benefit as well. So, if you need instant money when all the other options cease to exist, but you have an old rusted car in your possession, then we are indeed your only friend in need