The ability to generate extra money.

Performing an environment-friendly task.


Reuse scrap metals & save the natural resources.


Save energy to create new products.

How It Works


We collect all kind of scrap metals whether Ferrous or Non-Ferrous.


Here we separate metals that can be recycled and that are non-recyclable.


We squeeze and squash all recyclable materials using high-tech machines.


The material is recycled and comes in the process again.

Cash for Aluminium

You may not know about it, but we use aluminium products more often than any other metal type. From kitchen utensils to the soda can you crush and toss away after quenching your thirst, aluminium has left its footsteps at almost every nook and cranny in our world. And within a few months, a huge pile of aluminium waste is ready for disposal if you remember to store it instead of throwing it away. Which if gotten rid of, ends up in a landfill, causing environmental hazards or it rests in a garbage lot for the rest of its lifespan, rendered useless.

But in reality, Aluminium is never useless! It can be recycled more easily and more cost-efficiently than many other metals we know of. Its applications are endless, from thin foils used in wrapping eatables to industrial equipment, it is used in a number of ways and is all things amazing when it comes to its re-use as well. Aircraft use aluminium alloys, it’s used in the automotive industry evidently and can be seen in a number of items that are used in common Australian households.

But the question remains ¬– how sell it for money after when it becomes a useless piece of junk? Well, the answer’s simple and you don’t have to go around places or put in many efforts, but you just need to request for our Cash for Aluminium service on the website.

At JJ Scrap Metal, you not only get the most appropriate value for your aluminium junk, but you also take a step ahead towards protecting the environment from any harm. When such metals end-up in landfills and you take up un-governed ways of disposal, they cause more harm to nature than any good. And one thing that’s necessary to prevent such a disastrous result is its proper disposal or recycling. Wherein, JJ Scrap Metal becomes the perfect answer to it.

More benefits of ‘Cash for Aluminium’ service:

The benefits of opting for such a service can be endless. And you may still opt for a conventional way that might even earn you some money regardless of its results, but you would never be able to be on the greener side of nature this way. Whereas, when you go for a proper disposal or recycling method with us, you choose a side of the experts of Scrap disposal industry and that will help you take the right path across. You choose nature’s goodness over immoral monetary gains, which are nominally different in value than what you would get with a more governed and ethical junk disposal procedure.

It’s more convenient with JJ Scrap Metal:

Well, if you think that it’s more of a hassle to dispose of your aluminium junk than it is rewarding, think again, it is not so! And you can always go with names like JJ Scrap Metal for such purposes. Read more... Read less...


Adhering to an ethical and customer-centric policy, we make the entire experience more convenient and time-efficient for you. Our user interface adds to the transparency and the ease up the process to a huge extent. As our dedicated team makes sure that your convenience is our priority, you can rest assured about the proper disposal of your aluminium based junk.

How does it work?

It’s actually simpler than you think it is! All you got to do is go through our website once and you can either you can choose to give us a call or write to us @, or you can fill an easy form available on the website. After which, we would send our expert representative to assess the purity and the quantity of the metal in your possession. Post to this assessment, we would be able to give you an accurate and final quotation for its disposal. Voila, your part of the process is done! Its collection and other procedural formalities will be taken care of by us. We would, depending upon the condition and if it’s economical enough, either recycle the collected metal or we would dispose it of as per the prescribed methods that do not cause any harm to nature. You may choose whichever way around it, yet you won’t have to spend anything out of your pocket and instead, you might even earn some money if the scope allows.

Therefore, just give us a call when you’ve piled up some aluminium junk at your place or at work and just sit back, relax, while we take care of all your junk disposal needs right away. It’s the new face of Junk Disposal in Australia, that’s environment friendly, convenient and cost efficient!